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Packaging Solutions

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About the B&C Division

Scanavo is proud to be a world leader in Premium Packaging Solutions, Creative Services and Product Management & Distribution. Since 1991 our worldwide group of companies and professionals have offered you their experience in premium packaging creations and famous brands such as SteelBook® as well as premium patented plastic cases. We have offices in Europe, North America and Hong Kong, and work hard to build long lasting partnerships with our customers globally.

The Scanavo Beauty & Cosmetics division specializes in both Primary and Secondary Packaging solutions for the Beauty industry, and as well provides be-spoke and customized solutions for Beauty tools and accessories.

Whether you are a new and emerging brand, or have been in the business for many years, International or local, you can count upon Scanavo to be your trusted partner to find the right packaging solution for your product.

Here at Scanavo we believe in focusing on the finer details, and you can be assured to have the same attention to detail for your packaging. We understand the business, we understand your needs, and we are here to help you achieve precisely what you are looking for. Our core values of innovation and service run deep within us, so get in touch and let our team take your projects successfully to fruition.